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Absorbent Rolls Oil Only & Maintenance All fluid Rolls for Spill Absorbtion

Cleaning Products - Oil Only and Maintenance (All Fluid) Absorbent Rolls for Spill Absorbtion


Cleaning Products distributed by All Pressure Sprayers Washers & Cleaning Products  Direct UK

 Syntec Absorbent meltblown polypropylene maintenance rolls, Absorbent Rolls are designed for use in many industrial leaks drips and spills. The Absorbent Rolls can easily be placed in key areas where spills and leaks are a high risk on the shopfloor. The Oil Only Absorbent Rolls are oil selective and are able to remove and contain oil based liquids from water. Available in not only Single and Double weight but in Silver and Bronze standard.

Absorbent rolls come in a choice of two widths and available in both single and double weight, these absorbent rolls are ideal for many industrial applications giving maximum consumer choice.

Bronze standard absorbent rolls are plain undimpled rolls. No dimples mean better absorbtion.
Silver standard absorbent rolls are both dimpled and perforated. Dimples add strength and rigidity. Perforations down the centre as well as across the width minimizes waste on use.