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Andrew Smith Essex & London Weed Control Services.  Andrew Smith Weed Control Services.


Andrew Smith Weed Control Services

Working with London Borough Councils 

Japanese Knotweed Specialist

Japanese Knotweed Eradication Management Plans

To achieve eradication of this potentially devastating plant takes expert judgement. Firstly the Health and Safety and well being of all life including other plants, waterways and the environment in general are to be considered. In Britain we have some of the most stringent controls of pesticides in the world today and although the pesticides are sometimes extremely expensive and unavailable to the public they are cost effective and being selective in use and administered by a qualified sprayer is mainly harmless  to anything but the target. This is extremely important to me and most of my customers.

The correct licensed product must be used in the correct way by a qualified and certificated person with proven ongoing professional studies; my qualifications also cover aquatic treatments.

Secondly the maturity of the knotweed the plant growth area, time of year, weather conditions as well as soil type constitute to my treatment formula. I often use other chemicals generally known as adjuvants to assist performance of the core pesticide.

I am very conscious of  the expense involved with treatment so I have a fair set price along with my expertise to make your treatment more affordable without compromise.

The skill is to treat the knotweed in such a way that it maximises the digestion of the herbicide (uptake) killing the roots and the plant. 

Surveys are usually the first step in moving forward before a purchase of a property or land to be developed on or general concerns and the extent of the infestation and costs involved in the eradication. These are often referred to as method statements or knotweed eradication programs. The surveys involve risk assessments, eradication method, herbicides to be used and time span of eradication and costs for guarantees if required also complete area surveys and of lands and properties near to the infestation. These are very detailed with measurements and photographs.

Other eradication methods

If spraying the knotweed or using stem injection is not an option for you there are other eradication methods available.
Dig and screen

The contaminated soil has the knotweed roots and rhizomes removed and then backfilled with often a geo textile root membrane in place if necessary.

Dig and Dump

The removal of all contaminated soil and then replaces the void or landscape the area.

On site holding and treatment.

This entails removing the contaminated soil and then placing it in and on a membrane away from any disturbance on your site where it can be treated by herbicides in a controlled environment that allows you to carry out for example building works on the previously contaminated areas.



This crown of knotweed that I have been treating, that has now been cut down.

Japanese Knotweed and the Laws

It is not against the law to have knotweed on your land. The problem is because of the destructive nature of the plant you are liable to be sued if it encroaches on other people's property and especially if it causes damage. (The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 section 14). In Scotland since July 2012 conviction of the offence of knowingly or unknowingly planting Knotweed carries a £40,000 and or imprisonment. In my opion using the courts should be a last resource and speaking to a neighbour is the best option. I have for many customers liased on their behalf and their neighbours and have given them my expert advice or survey of the problem and discussed price and eradication plans with so far total success. Sometimes it works out that dividing the costs between tenants and or owners is the best way.   

Japanese Knotweed and selling your Property

When it comes to selling your property with any amount of Japanese Knotweed present the buyer is refused a mortgage or faces paying thousands in guarantees. I do advise as soon as you recognise the problem have it treated immediately the chances are if you do sell your house in the future the knotweed has been eradicated saving you a lot of money and stress.

This crown of knotweed that I have been treating that has now been cut down. There was about 60 x 15 feet high stems in this small area. Treated and eradicated in time for delevelopment work to start.

Driveways, paths, Patio maintenance, General landscaping & Aquatic treatment.

Essex, East London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk & Kent 

Andy Smith Weed Control Services provides a specialised and personal service to domestic, amenity and industrial markets.
Our head office is in Brentwood Essex, with easy access to all the major motorways and A roads for the south and south east areas.

Andy Smith Weed Control Services complies with the Health & Safety at Work Act, the Control of Pesticides Regulations and the Food & Environment Act relevant to legislative requirements.
Whatever the problem you can rely on Andy Smith Weed Control Services to achieve the highest standard using the right product to get to the root of your problem.

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, using physical and chemical methods to stop weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to domestic plants and livestock. In order to reduce weed growth, many "weed control" strategies have been developed in order to contain the growth and spread of weeds.

The most basic is ploughing which cuts the roots of annual weeds. Today, chemical weed killers known as herbicides are widely used, please contact us for specialist advice.

Aquatic Weed Control We have a number of sprayers and specialised equipment for all types of aquatic weeds. Site inspections and recommendations are given by our qualified agronomist.

Duckweed Removal and Control

This is a weed which is best controlled before it becomes established on a watercourse, large areas can cost many thousands of pounds to remove and may take several seasons to achieve. Seek early advice if you find duckweed is starting to accumulate. This is a rapidly increasing problem as growing seasons get longer and winters milder.

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Essex Japanese Knotweed Treatment Specialist

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Aquatic Treatment

Aquatic Treatment

Weed Control

Weed Control

Pathway Weed Clearance & Repair

Pathway Weed Clearance & Repair

Patio Weed Control

Patio Weed Control

Hazardous & Invasive plants

Weeds can compete with productive crops or pasture, or convert productive land into unusable scrub. Weeds are also often poisonous, distasteful, produce burrs, thorns or other damaging body parts or otherwise interfere with the use and management of desirable plants by contaminating harvests or excluding livestock.

Weeds tend to thrive at the expense of the more refined edible or ornamental crops. They provide competition for space,nutrients, water and light, although how seriously they will affect a crop depends on a number of factors. Some crops have greater resistance than others- smaller, slower growing seedlings are more likely to be overwhelmed than those that are larger and more vigorous. Onions are one of the crops most susceptible to competition, for they are slow to germinate and produce slender, upright stems. Quick growing, broad leafed weeds therefore have a distinct advantage, and if not removed, the crop is likely to be lost. Broad beans however produce large seedlings, and will suffer far less profound effects of weed competition other than during periods of water shortage at the crucial time when the pods are filling out. Transplanted crops raised in sterile seed or potting [compost] will have a head start over germinating weed seeds.

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica)

An extremely invasive and non native species. Capable of causing major structural and environmental damage. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act it is an offence to aid in the spreading of Japanese Knotweed, all parts of the plant and contaminated soil are considered as controlled waste.

Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)

Hazardous to humans, the sap causes severe skin irritation when the affected area is exposed to sunlight. It is important to recognise that common hogweed and other members of the Umbellilferae family can cause similar Irritations.

Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea)

Common ragwort is widespread throughout the UK, it is a dangerous invasive plant and is defined under UK legislation as a noxious weed. When consumed, it can seriously injure or even kill cows, sheep and horses.

Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens Glandulifera)

Himalayan balsam is an introduced annual, naturalised along riverbanks and ditches. It prefers moist soils but will grow anywhere. Himalayan balsam grows up to 3m tall, grows rapidly, spreads easily, out-competes other vegetation and readily colonises new areas. When the plants die down in winter they leave large bare areas that are sensitive to erosion.


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