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easywash365+ Carwash Comfort the new hose wonder in self-service washing bays easywash365+ Carwash Comfort- the new hose wonder in self-service washing bays


Car wash Comfort distributed by All Pressure Washers Pressure Sprayers & Cleaning Products Direct UK

High pressure hoses at self-service car wash sites are in combination with the spraying unit or the brush lance the decisive factor regarding the ease of use during the operation. As there are more and more female and also older people cleaning their car in self-service washing bays both human-factor engineering and the smallest possible weight are very important.

Due to an easy handling with enormously reduced trigger and holding forces as well as integrated swivels our well-proven and favoured spray guns and handles from our product line easywash365+ have been convincing our customers for many years. One thing for sure! By means of the developed CARWASH COMFORT hose especially designed for self-service car wash and prewashing you will love to clean your car as it is really one of the easiest jobs.

What it actually stands for and which characteristics it has? With only 92 g/m this hose is more than half in weight in comparison to a usual self-service hose. The smooth chemically resistant interior is made out of PES which is usually used for highly stressed parts such as medical gadgets or in the automotive engineering and aircraft industry.

The transparent surface made out of a thermoplastic elastomer in blue or anthracite has excellent gliding characteristics in combination with wetness. In comparison to many hoses that tend to get stuck at mirrors, bumpers or at other edges at the vehicle the CARWASH COMFORT does not share this lot as it is very easy to pull it around any corner. The smooth surface always looks clean and dirty stripes on vehicles or clothes are a thing of the past.

It goes without saying that the hose is oil-, UV-, ozone-resistant and weatherproof as well as flexible in case of low temperatures. As its temperature range goes from -40 °C - +60 °C the CARWASH COMFORT is the ideal year-round hose. Due to the excellent flexibility the user easily makes his way by pulling the hose which is attached to the ceiling boom around his car in a very comfortable way. The high-tensile polyester reinforcing guarantees a working pressure of up to 200 bar, with a fourfold guarantee as usual that the hose does not burst.

CARWASH COMFORT - the new hose wonder in self-service car washing bays

CARWASH COMFORT - the new hose wonder in self-service car washing bays

CARWASH COMFORT - the new hose wonder in self-service car washing bays
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CARWASH COMFORT - the new hose wonder in self-service car washing bays.

Special PES interior very resistant to detergents. High-tensile polyester reinforcing. Transparent and thermoplastic surface polyurethane. Oil-, UV-, ozone-resistant & weatherproof. Particulary light weight.

High pressure hoses for self-service car wash blue hose DN6 1/4" X 1/4" F
Max. 200 bar
60 degrees C