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Chemical Dosing Equipment Chemical Dosing Equipment


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Dema 633 Proportional Blend CentersDema 633 Proportional Blend CentersDema 633 Proportional Blend Centers dilutes chemical with water on pressing the button valve. Attach the valve to a wall, and connect a hot or cold water pressurised supply. The dilution is easy to set by the use of orifice inserts supplied with the valve. These mixing valves are sold as separate units or can be connected as shown. NiTo Minimix Dosing SystemNiTo Minimix Dosing SystemNiTo minimix is a dosing unit for exact dosing of chemicals into water. The unit has a max pressure rating of 10 bar and is most suited to mains water supplies (min 2 bar). A metering tip is entered into the pick-up pipe to allow dosage of chem between 0.15 to 8 %. Approved for water supply legislation. This unit is suited for a flow rate of 12 Lpm. Max temp 60deg