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Cleaning Chemicals & Fluids Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products distributed by All Pressure Sprayers Washers & Cleaning Products  Direct UK

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Carpets & Upholstery Cleaning ProductsCarpets & Upholstery Cleaning ProductsConcentrated powder carpet and upholstery cleaner for all commercial, domestic and automotive carpet and upholstery cleaning. Use for traditional spray extraction cleaning. Can also be used as a pre-spray for spotting and traffic lane cleaning. - Carpet shampoo and upholstery cleaner, super concentrated polymer based carpet cleaner suitable for all spray extraction, spotting, prespraying and traffic lane cleaning applications. Car Cleaning & Care ProductsCar Cleaning & Care ProductsCar cleaning supplies, car cleaning chemicals everything from a revolutionary waterless car cleaner which saves on average 200 litres of water per wash, to a streak-free glass cleaner. We have even employed Nano-Technology to develop a windscreen wash and washer bottle additive which not only protects your windscreenscreen but allows any water deposits to simply wash away. Cleaning products that keep your windows not only sparkling ... but safe !! Stain & Odour Remover with HUGE Cleaning PowerStain & Odour Remover with HUGE Cleaning PowerA coloursafe bleaching agent and odour remover with huge cleaning power. Use a small scoop in warm water to remove stains such as wine, coffee, nicotine, mould spores and even mildew stains from carpet and upholstery . Use to clean shower grout and mould from ceramics and can even be used to clean outdoor surfaces such as decking, brickwork and to clean concrete. Eliminates odours from carpets, refrigerators and even bins, refuge storage areas and even down drains. Food Industry Cleaning ProductsFood Industry Cleaning Products Building Cleaning & Maintence ProductsBuilding Cleaning & Maintence Products
Graffiti Removal Kits, Graffiti Chemical RemoversGraffiti Removal Kits, Graffiti Chemical RemoversOur chemical range includes products which will remove graffiti from brickwork but our liquids, aerosols and pastes will also remove spray paint and gloss paint from most surfaces. Acrylic bus shelters and perspex will not be harmed or clouded by Demon Graffiti Remover. Multi Purpose CleanersMulti Purpose Cleaners Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Derived from Natural SourcesEnvironmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Derived from Natural Sources AerosolsAerosols High Density Pink Foaming Agent for the Tecomec Geoline Foam MakerHigh Density Pink Foaming Agent for the Tecomec Geoline Foam Maker