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Electric Motors for Pumps & Pressure Washers Electric Motors for pumps & pressure washers


Electric Motors distributed by All Pressure Srayers Washers & Cleaning Products Direct UK

Nicolini Electric MotorsNicolini Electric Motors

Nicolini & C. produces both threephase and singlephase electric motors, self-breaking and explosion-proof electric motors and. more generally, electric motors for any type of use, from size IEC63 to size IEC200.

Electric MotorsElectric MotorsAvaliable in 110v, 240v & 415v AC. Motor protection to IP55. Sizes from 2hp to 25hp. Housings in die-cast aluminium. Speeds from 1450 to 2850 rpm. Dynamically balanced cage type rotor. Female shaft motors are compatible with the Interpump range of plunger pumps. Male shaft motors are fitted with B14C face and are suitable for various flanges & hollow shaft pumps. Male shaft versions can be used in other applications where a B14C face is required.