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GS-1200 Pump & GS-1500 Pump (JS PUMP) Sewage Grinder Pumps 230V & 110V GS-1200 Pump & GS-1500 Pump


All Pressure Washers Pressure Sprayers & Cleaning Equipment Direct UK Suppliers of JS Pumps

A range of heavy duty submersible pumps which utilise a two stage macerator unit to reduce suspended organic solids to a fine slurry prior to pumping.
For applications where either high heads or small bore pipe prohibit the use of standard submersible pumps. Suitable for domestic sewage, farm effluent or industrial waste.
High pressure output enables the use of irrigation sprinklers up to heads of around 20 feet above the pump. 
GS Pumps by JS Pumps have tungsten carbide cutters and grinder rings which allow up to 28,000 cuts per minute.  heads or long distances prohibit the use of standard. Hosetails are supplied with all models. Free standing or can be guide rail mounted.