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Hypro High Pressure Stainless Steel Nozzles Hypro High Pressure Nozzles (Stainless Steel)


 A NEW range of Hypro 416 stainless steel high pressure nozzles. The spray from these nozzles is much cleaner & defined, with less misting at the edge of the spray pattern. This is due to their unique manufacturing technique, which eliminates any burring of the metal creating a purer spray. 1/4" M thread and available in either 15 deg. or 25 deg. angles. Uniform distribution of high impact spray for fast cleaning that adds to the efficiency of your operations. Reliable performance up to 270 bar. One piece design to optimise flow dynamics, minimise turbulence and nozzle wear. Permanent  etched part number on front for ease of identification when in nozzle holder.  Suitable for use in all high pressure applications such as Hard Surface Cleaning, Vehicle Washing, Conveyor Washing, Building Disinfection, Drain Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, Food Processing and Label Removal.