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Lechler are the world's leading spray technologists. Lechler manufacture precision spray nozzles and demisters for applications in the manufacturing, environmental engineering and agriculture industries. 


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Lechler High Pressure Solid Stream Jet NozzlesLechler High Pressure Solid Stream Jet NozzlesThanks to optimum flow geometrics Lechler solid stream nozzles produce compact transparent solid stream jets of defined lengths. The almost turbulent-free liquid inflow achieves excellent efficiency even without jet stabiliser inserts. The precision of Lechler’s solid stream nozzles enhances productivity and performance of your plant. Lechler Compressed Air NozzlesLechler Compressed Air NozzlesAs a rule, any flat fan or solid stream nozzle can be operated with air instead of liquid. However, you'll obtain the best results using the nozzle designs we specially engineered for applications of compressed air or saturated steam. In addition to air, various nozzle types are also suited for injecting saturated steam. Typical applications of Lechler air nozzles are, for instance, efficient blowing off and blowing out, cooling, drying or cleaning.
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