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Marolex Professional 12 Pressure Sprayer Marolex Professional 12 Pressure Sprayer


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Marolex Professional 12 Pressure Sprayers

Marolex Professional 12 Pressure Sprayers

Marolex Professional 12 Pressure Sprayers
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Marolex Profession 12 Sprayer is designed for whitewashing of trees, outside walls, greenhouses as well as for spraying plant protection chemicals, washing machines and industrial equipment.
Spraying with lime and emulsions is possible due to a special, patented by MAROLEX mixer (preventing sedimentation), equipping the device in metal ball valve, reinforced hose and high flow capacity pipes.
Next advantage is a high efficient pump placed outside the tank to avoid its contact with aggressive liquids and to make work easier (users don't have to bend).
Sprayer Profession 12 PLUS includes in its set 60cm lance prolongation, funnel with sieve, silicone smear, washers kit, carrying belt, cut-off valve and set of nozzles.
This sprayer is also perfect for spraying with plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers in orchards, nurseries, plantations, vegetable growing, unroofed cultivation, decorative plants and neutralize chemical pollution.
Profession models represent professional and exquisite spraying machines that are practical, reliable and as such easy to use. Every detail of Marolex sprayer works for you.
All elements of our sprayers are preciously tested, before final completing
All parts are made from high quality, durable, and chemical-resistant materials.
Profession sprayers meet even the most sophisticated user's expectations.
Our technicians have designed probably the most user friendly sprayer you could find on a market.

* yellow translucent poly tank
* segment wand 60 cm
* extension 60 cm
* 4 nozzles: regulated-MR1.5, MR 1.0, fan- MF4.45 MF5.30
* thumb control for instant on/off, (push-in valve)
* pressure relief valve
* in line filter
* locking pump handle
* reinforced PCV hose 170cm
* carry strap
* ball-valve
* special mixer for calcium, paints
* additional spare parts
* funnel, silicone smear
* packed in colour boxes