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The MAROLEX Company was established in 1987 . For the several past years we have consequently broadened the range of our products and introduced many changes and modern technical solutions. In our sprayers we used special plastic materials and chemically resistant seals. Used by us testing system for all elements and parts practically eliminated the risk of failures and defects. Thanks to this kind of policy, our sprayers are considered by our clients to be most reliable on a market. We are proud of the fact that we reached european standards regarding the quality, exquisite and durability of our sprayers. It guarantees us confidence and satisfaction of our customers and gives us significant position among the manufacturers of garden equipment in the world. MAROLEX Sp. z o.o. is now among the best manufacturers of sprayers regarding the quality and innovation.

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Marolex Professional 12 Pressure SprayerMarolex Professional 12 Pressure SprayerMarolex Sprayer Profession 12 is designed for whitewashing of trees, outside walls, greenhouses as well as for spraying plant protection chemicals, washing machines and industrial equipment. Spraying with lime and emulsions is possible due to a special, patented by MAROLEX mixer (preventing sedimentation), equipping the device in metal ball valve, reinforced hose and high flow capacity pipes. Marolex Titan 20 Knapsack Pressure SprayerMarolex Titan 20 Knapsack Pressure SprayerMarolex Titan 20 is a modern and comfortable knapsack sprayer with 20 liters capacity. It is perfect for spraying plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers in greenhouses, orchards and on plantations. Titan knapsacks were designed to make their exploitation and operation easy and comfortable.
Marolex Hand Held Trigger Pressure SprayersMarolex Hand Held Trigger Pressure SprayersMarolex hand held trigger sprayers are fitted with technically advanced nozzles with adjustable stream angle. They are perfect devices for spraying liquid fertilizers, chemicals and for sprinkling water. Marolex Jumbo Pressure SprayersMarolex Jumbo Pressure SprayersMarolex Jumbo Pressure Sprayers an expert device designated for extremely heavy assignments such as car wash, oil-rig, technical spraying which constitute the tasks where performance of industry proves excellent. The sprayer is resistant to all kinds of chemicals as well as other heavy-duty detergents applied in industry. Acid-proof lance, viton seals, together with an extremely durable high-pressure container guarantee that the device withstands strenuous duties leaving user safe.