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Mosmatic Dry self-service air dryer for car wash bays Mosmatic Dry Self-Service Air Dryer for Car Wash Bays


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MOSMATIC Dry 60.396 Self-service air dryer for car wash bays

MOSMATIC Dry 60.396 Self-service air dryer for car wash bays

MOSMATIC Dry 60.396 Self-service air dryer for car wash bays
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There is something in the air. It is the extra revenue for all car wash owners and operators. The new trend is adding an extra air boom to your wash bay. Many large Carwash Manufacturers have already integrated this new idea.

MOSMATIC presents a solution by integrating the new Z-Airboom into a triple or quadruple ceiling boom set up for your wash bay. We also added a high quality Dryer unit to our line. The advantage is clear! The customer can easily move around his vehicle while drying it off and completing his wash experience. This is a customer benefit and an owner profit.

Universal dryer used for cars, motorcycles and boats. For wall or ceiling installations. Also installs directly to vacuum cleaner universal mounting plate.

* To easily dry in a quick and uncompliated way!
* Substantially reduces water spots, no impairment of the paint-both in summer and winter.
* The strong blower and the especially mould air nozzle guarantee a polished and spotlss result.
* It dries the smallest gaps such as door joints, wing mirrors, radiator grills ect. and really eliminates water spots.

* Drying unit with 75cm hose connection dia 50mm.
* Universal plate for mounting the dryer.
* Special air nozzle with 4.5 m hose connection dia 50mm.
* Wall holder for mounting the special air nozzle.
* Information and operation signs.

* 220-240 voltage 50/60 Hz
* 2 motors a 1600 watt
* Drying unit 533mm x 533mm
* Universal plate 421mm x 421mm

Suitable for all MOSMATIC Air-booms. A new attraction in your wash bay.