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Mosmatic AG has developed a very good reputation in the Car Wash, High Pressure Cleaning and Rotary Union Market. High quality, longevity and design are the keywords of Mosmatic principles.

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Mosmatic Flat Surface CleanersMosmatic Flat Surface CleanersConstructed in polished stainless steel the mosmatic rotary cleaning heads are perfect for the quick and easy cleaning of: kitchens, food processing plants, public facilities, pool surrounds and all types of flat surfaces. They are easy to operate & produce no over-spray Mosmatic Dry Self-Service Air Dryer for Car Wash BaysMosmatic Dry Self-Service Air Dryer for Car Wash BaysTo easily dry in a quick and uncompliated way! Substantially reduces water spots, no impairment of the paint-both in summer and winter. * The strong blower and the especially mould air nozzle guarantee a polished and spotlss result. It dries the smallest gaps such as door joints, wing mirrors, radiator grills ect. and really eliminates water spots. Mosmatic Vehicle Ceiling & Wall Mounted Wash BoomsMosmatic Vehicle Ceiling & Wall Mounted Wash BoomsMosmatic Ceiling Booms Self service car wash solution featuring a single & double ceiling boom. The high pressure wand/ceiling boom features continuous rotation for the car wash user. The wand will be parked on one side of the wash bay. Use a wall boom and our self park feature to perfectly complete your wash bay setup. Mosmatic Wall Boom Mosmatic wall booms are available in multiple sizes and designs. Together with a Ceiling boom, a wall boom is a perfect addition to your Self service bay. Mosmatic High Pressure Rotary Cleaning Heads TXR SeriesMosmatic High Pressure Rotary Cleaning Heads TXR SeriesMosmatic Duct Cleaners are specially designed to clean Ducts, Trash-Chutes, Vents, Restaurant Hoods, Tanks and more. This is the perfect accessory for any hot or cold pressure washer. Made of corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel self lubricated bearings. The new and improved carbide swivel offers the highest quality Swiss made craftsmanship. Mosmatic High Pressure Rotating Cleaning HeadsMosmatic High Pressure Rotating Cleaning HeadsMosmatic Rotary Duct Cleaning Heads - are specially designed for use with water and cleaning additive at high r.p.m
Mosmatic Swivels Inline & 90 degreesMosmatic Swivels Inline & 90 degreesMosmatic quality swivels are made of the finest components available on the market. The stainless steel construction guarantees the highest performance results. Available with different seal systems, materials and styles. Mosmatic AccessoriesMosmatic AccessoriesMosmatic Accessories - Mosmatic Foam injector