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Pressure Steam Cleaners & Hand Held Steam Cleaner Gun Steam Cleaners & Steam Guns

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Vapore Nonstop DL5000B Professional Steam CleanerVapore Nonstop DL5000B Professional Steam CleanerThe DL5000B Professional Steam Cleaner is ideal for removing stains, cleaning upholstery, tiled surfaces, windows, mirrors & white goods. The high temperature steam destroys dust mites, cleans & sanitizes toilets, baths, sinks, showers. DL5000B is capable of running continuously due to its non-pressurised 1.6 litre cold water tank. This tank automatically tops up the 2.5 litre boiler & can be filled at any time. Hand Held Steam Gun Steam CleanerHand Held Steam Gun Steam CleanerSteamGun is a highly effective & versatile steam cleaning tool for use around the home. SteamGun produces instantaneous high temperature steam, ensuring fast efficient cleaning. Suttner ST-4000 Steam Gun With Lance & Vented HandleSuttner ST-4000 Steam Gun With Lance & Vented HandleSuttner ST-4000 Professional Steam Trigger Gun. Steam is ideal for removing grease and oil, sterilizing surfaces, melting ice, plus using where little water is available like oil fields. Designed like regular spray gun wtih pressure control trigger, Light-weight, Designed with operator safety in mind.             
VAX Kitchen and Bathroom Master S5 Steam Cleaner VAX Kitchen and Bathroom Master S5 Steam Cleaner The VAX S5 Kitchen and Bathroom Master is a powerful and versatile compact steam cleaner that is perfect for cleaning floors, mirrors, tiles and grout, or for de-greasing cooker hoods, hobs and grills.The steam bracks down the grease and grime, kills bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, helping to keep your home clean and hygienic.