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Based on more than 44 years of experience Suttner is among the leading manufacturers of components and accessories for professional high and low pressure cleaning worldwide. The innovative system solutions for the professional cleaning industry made in Germany belong to the best on the market. They are durable, ergonomic, innovative and if required, individually tailored to the user’s needs.

The other competence centre organised by Suttner is the toll manufacturing of high quality turned and injection-moulded parts - true to the motto "precision without compromises". Numerous customers being busy in the automotive industry, electrical engineering, machine construction as well as in the furniture and consumer durable industry trust in us and count on Suttner components regarding their products.

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Suttner Car Wash Bay EquipmentSuttner Car Wash Bay EquipmentSuttner High Pressure Spray Guns for self service car wash & Repair Kits, Carwash Comfort, Suttner Foamers & Sprayers with Air Pressure Tanks, Suttner Swivels & Repair Kits. Suttner CouplingsSuttner CouplingsSuttner Quick Hand Screw Swivel Couplings & Seal Kits, Suttner Quick Hand Screw Couplings & Nipples, Suttner Elbow Swivels, Suttner Swivels, Suttner Ultra High Pressure Quick Couplings & Repair Kits, Suttner High Pressure Quick Couplings & Repair Kits,  Suttner Foam Equipment & AccessoriesSuttner Foam Equipment & AccessoriesSuttner High Pressure Spray Guns, Couplings, Foam Lances, Foam Injectors, Suttner Foam Units, Foam Stations, Suttner Foam Sprayers with Pressure Tanks.
Suttner High Pressure EquipmentSuttner High Pressure EquipmentSuttner Regulation Valves & Repair Kits, Suttner Relief Valves & Repair Kits, Suttner Chemical Injectors & Repair Kits, Suttner Foam Injectors & Repair Kits, Suttner Flow Switches & Repair Kits..  Suttner Low Pressure EquipmentSuttner Low Pressure EquipmentSuttner Spray Guns & Repair Kits, Suttner Intake Filters & Suction Sets, Suttner Float Tanks & Float Valves, Suttner Descaling Pumps & Softening Agents, Suttner Metering Valves.  Suttner Spray Guns & LancesSuttner Spray Guns & LancesSuttner Spray Guns, Shoulder Supports, Suttner Foot Valves, Suttner Lances, Suttner Swivel Holders, Suttner Spray Gun Repair Kits.
Suttner Turbo Nozzles & Turbo LancesSuttner Turbo Nozzles & Turbo LancesSuttner Rotating Turbo Nozzles with Ceramic Inset, Turbo Lances & Repair Kits. Suttner ST-558, Suttner ST-357 & Suttner ST-458.
Suttner ST-23 Hogs Hair Wash BrushSuttner ST-23 Hogs Hair Wash BrushSuttner ST-23 Hogs Hair Wash Brush with 60mm & 90mm bristles. 1/4" F Inlet 250mm wide.